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About the Trainer:

Hi, my name is Justine and I am the owner and trainer at Todo’s Translator.   I have always had a strong love for animals and for a long time I believed that meant that I had to become a veterinarian.  So I attended college as a pre-vet student. While I found the necropsies  and physiology classes to be fascinating it wasn’t until I took Ethology (the study of Animal Behavior) that I learned canine behavior and psychology was my real passion. After years of research, volunteering and apprenticeships I had the confidence and skill set to take clients of my own.

(317) 954-6952

Indianapolis. Carmel. Fishers.

Noblesville. Greenwood.

Plainfield. & Surrounding Areas

I opened Todo’s Translator 5 years ago to help more dogs stay in forever homes, to help owners to fully enjoy their canine companions and to further the bond we share with our four-legged family members.


Mostly, I want you to have a stress-free relationship with your pooch!


I choose to do mainly one on one type sessions because the success of our hard work depends on several factors; personality of dog and owner, what training method works best for the dog as an individual, what energy level the dog is, what motivates the dog and how motivated the owner is to make a change.  One on one sessions allow me to get to know your dog as an individual and to learn exactly what may work best for your personal situation.


Methods:   No Force, Just Fun!


I  pride myself on using non-forceful training methods.  I use a combination of positive reinforcement, clicker training and communicating with dogs by using and reading body language.  My goal is to see a relationship based on mutual respect between all members of your family; two and four legged. This requires using the appropriate training tools properly, clear ‘house rules’, patience and most importantly consistency.


I want to teach you how to have a dog that wants to work for you because he enjoys it and respects you.  It’s all about communication!

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