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Board and Train –  I take your pooch into my home to be treated as one of my own. He will interact with my pack and will practice the basic manners necessary to be a polite member of society.  We will work toward our agreed upon goals in my home, in my half acre fenced in back yard and when he is ready we will work in other controlled public places.  For every week that your pooch is in my care we will have one lesson to keep you up to date on what he has learned.  Upon drop off we will have another lesson and a week to two weeks after returning your dog I will follow up with a one hour visit to be sure you and your pooch are doing well.  If any issues arise regarding the training goals that I addressed you may feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.  I am always here to help, for the life of your dog!


This program is ideal for:

   - Owners who don’t have the time necessary to address their dog’s issue(s)

   - Dogs who require constant work and attention to achieve training goals

   - Owners who need a fresh start with their pooch

   - Puppy raising help – especially leash walking, housebreaking and socialization

   - Rescue dogs who need help adjusting


NOTE: This is unlike training programs at boarding/daycare facilities.  I will be spending ALL day with JUST your dog, instead of one training session while your dog spends the rest of the day at daycare or in a kennel.   Whether your pup realizes it or not he will be learning all day long.  We will train, play, take a break, repeat.  Even when he’s taking a break he will still be learning how to be a relaxed, calm guy.  Training will occur in whatever environment is conducive to your dog’s learning style. This can include in the car, at my home, in my half acre fenced yard, on walks, on the Monon Trail, at dog friendly restaurants, pet stores, or possibly dog parks (if your dog has a tag).   Whichever environment works best for your dog at that point in his education is where we will practice.  The activities your dog and I do will reflect your lifestyle and training goals and will therefore be more productive in the long run.




This is the most effective program offered by Todo’s Translator because your dog will be under the constant supervision of the trainer – positive behaviors can be reinforced and unwanted behaviors can be corrected and redirected.  Every board and train dog will begin by learning basic obedience commands.  Once those commands are learned the dog will be proofed (solidify the commands) and distractions will be added.  When the dog is ready we will begin to practice these commands outside and then in public.  This is how Todo’s Translator can be sure that the dog will perform his new learned behaviors under several circumstances.  Every dog and owner are different and as such each training regimen is adapted to suit their needs and goals.  If the dog has serious behavioral issues they will be addressed alongside the obedience training.


Socialization is key to the healthy development of a dog’s social behavior.  The window to properly socialize puppies ends at roughly 16 weeks of age.  Unfortunately many dogs aren’t socialized correctly by this age.  Lack of proper socialization can lead to anxiety, fear, aggression and reactivity issues. To help a dog of any age overcome the need for proper socialization I use my well balanced pack to help them learn appropriate social behavior including play and relaxation.


This program is so effective because I am able to teach the dog how to live in a home and act appropriately.  Living in my house is meant to be as similar to his home with you as possible to help facilitate his learning process when he goes back to living with you.  If you want a family dog living in your home it doesn’t make sense to send him to a boarding facility for training.  He needs to learn how to behave in normal every day situations and that is exactly how I will teach him – at home, around the neighborhood, at the farmer’s market, around other dogs etc.  This is the best way to develop a well balanced dog.


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Services Offered

Personal In-Home Training Sessions

Day Training

Ideal Family Dog – Board and Train

Consultation – $30 –    Dog training is an unregulated profession and there are several training methods currently being used.  It is very important that your trainer matches you and your dog’s personalities.


On Location Training – $85/hour – During on location training I work with you and your pooch in your home or at the location necessary to achieve our agreed upon goals. I will teach you to train your dog.


Day Training – $120/day –

 During a ‘Day Training’ session I will pick your dog up in the morning, he will spend the day with me working towards the goals we had agreed upon during our consultation, and I will return him to you in the evening and spend 30 minutes teaching you what I have taught him.

Board and Train –  I take your pooch into my home to be treated as one of my own. He will interact with my pack and will practice the basic manners necessary to be a polite member of society.



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