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Consultation – $40 –    Dog training is an unregulated profession and there are several training methods currently being used.  It is very important that your trainer matches you and your dog’s personalities.  It is for these reasons that I provide a $30 consultation.  I want all of us (you, your pup and myself) to feel comfortable when training begins.   At our consultation I will ask you several questions about your day to day life with your dog, about any issues you may be experiencing and what you would like to achieve from our sessions.  This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have of me.  From there I will make a recommendation as to which training regimen will be best suited for your situation.  We will then lay out goals to be achieved during our training sessions.

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On-Location Training Sessions – The trainer comes to you!  We spend 60-90 minutes per session working together in your home.  I teach you how to train your dog(s) and leave you with a homework to practice until our next lesson.


Having more than one dog does not affect the price of the lessons, but it may require more lessons to address all of their needs.


Day Training – I take your pup for the day and work towards our agreed upon goals while you’re at work. Upon drop off of your pooch I will teach you what he’s learned.


Board and Train – This is the most effective and quickest program.  The trainer takes your dog into her home for a minimum of one week.  The dog learns basic obedience, and most importantly how to be a well balanced family dog.  This is so effective because the dog is able to learn in a home environment similar to what he’s used to and the trainer is by his side working with him for several hours per day.





Other Services:


Doggie Matchmaking – $50/hour –  Bringing a new dog into your family can be a big decision.  You are making a commitment to share your home and life with someone for the next decade or more.  You should pick a dog that matches your life style, personality and living conditions.  Whether you’re considering a brand new puppy or a rescue I would be more than happy to help you choose the right breed and personality type to fit what you are looking.


Bringing Home Baby –  If you are expecting a new two-legged baby in your future it can be stressful wondering how your four-legged friend(s) might react.  I am here to help! Before your new baby enters the world we will practice, practice, practice with your pooch until he is the last thing you will be worrying about!  If you have already had your baby and are experiencing issues, don’t fret. I can still help! Call or email me to schedule a consultation and we will work on bringing more balance to your home.



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Services Offered

Private In-Home Training Sessions

Day Training

Ideal Family Dog – Board and Train

Consultation – $30 –    Dog training is an unregulated profession and there are several training methods currently being used.  It is very important that your trainer matches you and your dog’s personalities.


On Location Training – $85/hour – During on location training I work with you and your pooch in your home or at the location necessary to achieve our agreed upon goals. I will teach you to train your dog.


Day Training –

 During a ‘Day Training’ session I will pick your dog up in the morning, he will spend the day with me working towards the goals we had agreed upon during our consultation, and I will return him to you in the evening and spend 30 minutes teaching you what I have taught him.

Board and Train –  I take your pooch into my home to be treated as one of my own. He will interact with my pack and will practice the basic manners necessary to be a polite member of society.



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