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Thank you all!

“Justine I have to tell you how great it is to walk Snickers and not feel embarrassed!  Remember the neighbor that had made so many complaints to the Neighborhood Association? Well yesterday she came up and pet him and told me that I must’ve traded dogs with someone!  I can’t believe it!”


 Geist IN


Fishers IN

“Justine, thank you so much for your help! Dora has been so much easier to handle since we began our lessons! As you know, we first hired a trainer that used a prong collar on her and we noticed she would sometimes react worse when she encountered a dog because of it.  I am so glad that we found you!”

“Bear has been a completely new dog since he came back from his board and train!  Thanks for taking the time to make sure we knew how to handle him just like you can.”

  Janel,  Fishers IN

“I would highly recommend hiring Todo’s Translator to help train your dog. Justine helped us with our puppy (we started at 5 months) to stop nipping, barking, pulling on leash and pooing inside.  She helped us to understand how our puppy learned those habits and how to break them.  Whenever I have a friend that gets a puppy I send them to her!”



 Joe,  Indianapolis IN

“Justine, I am amazed with the improvements Callie has made since we first started working together.  She still sometimes gets overexcited but now I know how to handle her and help her to calm herself.  Thank you!”

“I was skeptical when we first started working together.  I didn’t really think that {Nothing in Life is Free} would help Charlie respect me but it does!  It’s only been a few months since you suggested I make him work for everything that he gets from me and he now asks politely from anything he wants from me.  He even asks politely at the pet stores too.  Thanks for helping it all come together.”

  Josh,  Noblesville IN

  Carl, Carmel IN

“Justine impressed me immediately when she showed up exactly on time.  The week before PetPeople referred me to Justine I had scheduled an appointment with another trainer.  That trainer never showed up.  Honestly, I’m glad the first trainer didn’t bother coming because I never would have found Justine otherwise.  A few months later when I experienced health issues Justine sent me the kindest card and helped me to take care of my dog when I was too ill to do so.  I never would have expected to find a friend when I hired a dog trainer!”

  Marge,  Indianapolis IN

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